Friday, 2 January 2015

Return To London

Happy New Year! Amazing to think it's 2015. With the busyness of the holidays, I never got around to posting about our European trip, so with a little down time today, I finally put pen to paper. Before the trip, Jim and I had so many thoughts about London and how we might feel when we got there. Would we still love it as much? Would we want to move back? Were we happier in San Francisco? And along with the questions came the excitement…to visit our family and friends and to travel and see more of the world…it's by far our favorite thing to do. Luckily, when we got off the plane in London, I felt a feeling of familiarity and closeness. It was like arriving there after any other trip, getting our Oyster cards and hopping on the tube home. We had such a fun time visiting with Matt, Kathy and their boys and seeing all of our friends and colleagues in the city. It's funny how after a year, most things don't change and you can still fit right in, except for the accents. According to our British friends, our accents have become much more American. We loved going back to Fulham and walking around our old neighborhood, going to the Sloaney Poaney for a cozy pint and then heading to the Chelsea match where they won. I also loved going back to Borough Market, shopping on Regent street and seeing all of the Christmas decorations that illuminate the city. The one thing I could have done without is the rain…but then again, that's typical London, right? Our Thanksgiving affair was fun with new traditions and lots of Veuve. I swear there were more Americans picking up turkeys than when we lived there. Aside from zipping around London, I loved mixing in a few trips to Porto, Lisbon & Paris...after all, one of the best perks of living in Europe is the ability to travel. More posts to come soon!

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