Thursday, 24 April 2014

Cabo Bound

Tomorrow cannot come soon enough. Jim and I are spending a week in Cabo and it is going to be heavenly…especially after the past couple weeks of work. All I need is a pina colada in hand, sunny skies and a gorgeous beach and I'm set. I've made a few plans for our trip based on Jetsetter's Weekend Guide to Cabo, but it'll mostly be relaxing beach time. I'll be back in a few weeks with photos from our adventures. 

Adios! x

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Spring Showers

Wedding season is in full swing and over the past month I got to shower two of my closest friends, Erica and Alexis. Since they're such close friends they threw each other's showers with help from their families and both events turned out so well. I thought I'd share a few of the photos as inspiration for others throwing showers me! 
I love how all the details were tied together in both showers…Erica's was a little more pink and blue while Alexis's was all gold, pink and white. Both featured plenty of champagne, the always-delicious Sprinkles cupcakes and a creative sampling of salads. The food along with the adorable games we played gave me such good ideas for my sister's upcoming wedding festivities. 
 Congratulations to the beautiful brides…love you both!

Monday, 21 April 2014

Coachella Musings

I had always wanted to go to Coachella…it's always just seemed like a Woodstock type of event that I couldn't miss in my lifetime. My mom missed out on Woodstock because her dad wouldn't let her go and she's always regretted it…meanwhile my Dad made it there with his twin and it's been a highlight of his life. To compare the two events isn't exactly right but I must say I'm so glad I experienced it.
The allure of bands I'd been dying to see,  some much needed sunshine away from the stresses of everyday city life, and the chance to hang out with some of my best friends sealed the deal for me. And to top it off, Calvin Harris played on my actual birthday! 
My favorite performances included Chromeo, Zedd, Calvin Harris and Pharrell. We averaged about seven shows per day so we really saw a mix of acts from rappers to EDM (my personal favorite). The weather was hot but not unbearable…however the sandstorm that hit Saturday night took my voice away for a solid two days. Lesson learned…you need to bring a scarf. 
Now that I'm home, I still can't get Chromeo's song "Jealous" out of my head and I keep replaying the awesome videos I took over and over. I'm already trying to relive it and it's only been a week! Coachella is an experience I will remember forever and one that I highly recommend to anyone that loves music, dancing and sunshine.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Nob Hill Spa at the Huntington Hotel is the ideal place to relax and unwind in San Francisco…it’s a must-try kind of place. I’ve only been twice but each time has been so memorable. I recommend arriving early so you can enjoy the beautiful pool area and get cozy near the fireplace with a magazine. 
After the treatment of your choice head back to the pool area and onto the terrace if it’s sunny so you can catch some rays. Note: bring a bikini if you want to do any sunbathing. There's a beautiful view of the city from the balcony and you feel  like you're really living in style. If you go with friends definitely get a bottle of bubbly to share! 
After enough sunshine, head to the reading room to enjoy some solitude and fresh iced tea, chocolate covered almonds and dried fruit. Finish it off with a steam, sauna and shower. You will feel like a new woman, I promise! 

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