Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Urban Hiking

This weekend we reverted back to our London days and went exploring. Urban hiking, to be exact. Originally we were going to head over to Mt. Tam or Angel Island, but Jim suggested we stay within the 7x7 limits and it turned out to be such a fun day with friends. We drove over to Twin Peaks and parked, making the Seward Street Slides our first stop. The boys slid down but I stayed put (bad slide experience from kindergarten!).
Our next stop was Kite Hill. We didn't exactly have a clear path but we eventually made our way up to the summit and found a gorgeous view of the city. Then we hiked up even further to the Twin Peaks summit and it got better. The perfect mix of greenery and skyscrapers. Doesn't Market Street look so grand? 
The plan was to make it to through the hidden Eucalyptus forest behind Sutro Tower and over to Tank Hill, but a place called Magonlia Brewery was calling our name.
So we made our way back down the hill and drove over to the Haight for a cold pint and some yummy British gastropub bites including fresh cheeses, fries (or chips) and Scotch eggs for Jim. We felt like we were right back in Fulham or Chelsea in a cozy, dark pub booth. And they had the most amazing pomegranate cider served in these lovely gold rimmed glasses.
It's so nice to get out of our neighborhood and explore different areas of the city especially since it reminds me of our time in London. Can't way to try more urban hikes and share them with you!

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