Monday, 27 January 2014

Spring Neutrals

Every week I'm tempted by Massimo Dutti's newsletters and last week's edition was especially exciting as they unveiled the spring/summer 2014 collection. This hot weather in San Francisco makes me feel like I need to update my wardrobe pronto even though we just wrapped up the holiday shopping season (oh well!). I love the white/neutrals and the clean, polished looks - especially that white cami and the gorgeous reddish tan maxi dress below. The best part about Massimo is the quality. They never disappoint, which is important because they don't have a shop on the west coast so you have to do all your browsing online. I'm still hoping for a store in San Francisco sometime soon! Happy shopping...

[Images via Massimo Dutti]

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Tour De Morning Buns

I have a slight obsession with morning buns. Give me croissant dough with cinnamon and sugar (and sometimes orange zest for a little twist) any day and I'll be a happy girl. I've been doing "research" for years and have scoured my local bakeries in Santa Cruz, San Francisco and London for the best of the best morning buns you can possibly imagine. Some might be obvious (Tartine), others not so much (Semifreddi, which I know mostly for the bread). Here are my picks for best morning buns in all three cities! Do you have any favorites I need to try?!
Tartine, San Francisco.
Gail's Bakery, London.
Semifreddi, San Francisco.
Kelly's French Bakery, Santa Cruz.
La Boulange, San Francisco.

[Images via ezrapoundcake, whatslauracooking, flickr, tiny bit of joy, flickr]

Monday, 13 January 2014

New Finds at Patine

Over the past few years, Patine has become one of my favorite home decor boutiques. It's located in La Selva Beach (my little hometown) which seems unusual because it's a sleepy beach town, but then again it also makes it a hidden gem to discover. Dani and her husband Eric have developed a loyal clientele who come from Santa Cruz and surrounding areas to stock up on fabulous vintage finds and homemade goods like the striped Euro-Linen pillows you see below. Dani and Eric scour antique shows and flea markets for jewelry and decor and they source even more goods and the fabric for the pillows in Europe. Dani is so knowledgeable about every product she sells…it seems every piece of clothing, furniture and jewelry has a story to tell. 
I've been eyeing this grey/blue striped pillow for some time now to pair with my two dark leather chairs in our living room. They would add a bit of style without taking away from the blue, cream and yellow hues I've already got going right now. 
One of the perks of Patine is that they carry Compagnie de Provence soaps and lotions, which I love and use all the time. The rose and mediterranean scents are my favorites, along with the lavender and olive oil hand lotion. There's also a great selection of sea glass bottles that come in all shapes and sizes - from smaller milk bottles to beautiful big vases like the one below. I have three in descending size sitting on top of my bathroom cabinet and they look beautiful and spa-like. Practically every time I'm in there, I'll pick up one of the vintage scarfs for $10 or less - the selection is different each time and ranges from Hermes to Chanel (such a steal!).
If you're ever in La Selva Beach or if you're driving down to Monterey or Carmel, make sure to stop by Patine and see what goodies you can score. Happy shopping!

[Image via Patine]

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