Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A Nice View

Since I have literally hundreds of photos from our France trip, I wanted to share a few more shots of Nice. It all seems like such a long time ago now and I'd literally do anything to be transported back there for a (long) weekend. Here's a little stroll down the South of France memory lane...
Rain or shine, Nice is so beyond gorgeous and full of swanky bars and restaurants. I love how you can just pop in some little place, grab some wine and small plates and feel right at home.  Not to mention the flaky croissants and donuts you can find on most every street corner. It's like Paris on the beach!
One thing I highly recommend if you're in the area is visiting the little village of Eze. It's tucked in the coastline and is a wonderful place to tour for a few hours. There are local shops where you can buy artwork, food and clothes and then there's Fragonard perfumerie which is a must-see. They make the most amazing diffuser in a Coral scent. The real highlight is the views like the one above. 
Of course we had to make a stop in Monaco to experience the glitz and glamour! They were actually setting up for the Grand Prix when we went so it felt a bit like we were race car drivers in our tiny car...almost. The Monte Carlo hotel is gorgeous as you can see above, as is the surrounding town. Well worth a visit and maybe a lunch, but not the right place to stay.
The food was really quite good in Nice - we had everything from French to Italian to sushi and were never disappointed. Especially not with this chevre goat cheese salad we had for lunch.
One last shot of the beautiful beach where we spent our last day sunning ourselves before heading over to Cinque Terre.

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