Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Farewell London

Our final week in London is upon us, and everything is happening so quickly. Today was my last day at work, we move out tomorrow and then fly to San Francisco on Friday – crazy! It’s surreal seeing our stuff strewn all over the flat and having our bags packed for the next month. In just a few days our lives will go back to normal California living and this will all seem a bit like a dream.

I’ve been feeling melancholy the past week as it’s bittersweet to be leaving this beautiful city. I will miss so many things about London from the Brits’ obsession with tea and chatting far too long about the weather, to a good pub lunch and Christmas in London (there’s nothing else like it). And then there’s the ease of traveling anywhere in Europe and always having the upper hand with currency. Above all, I will miss the memories we’ve made in this city and the incredible people I’ve met.

It has been such a great experience and one that I would do again in a heartbeat. Leaving is definitely difficult, but it’s been made a little easier by the rainy weather today (how fitting) and the fact that San Francisco is an incredible place. And obviously we cannot wait to see our family and friends! I’m sure I’ll be a bit sentimental the next few weeks and months posting about all the things I miss, so bear with me.

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