Monday, 22 April 2013

Sunny Weekend Snaps

This weekend was all about relaxation and sunshine. Jim was away on a trip to Wales so I had the whole weekend to visit my fave places. After a fun evening with my friend Meg including pizza from Firezza (best takeout pizza spot in London, I promise) and a mini bottle of French champagne from Vagabond, I kicked off Saturday with a Zumba class. My reward was a trip to La Bottega Deli in Chelsea....a place I'd been wanting to try for a few months. I went for a cappuccino (no skinny milk in this authentic Italian spot) and a fresh caprese sandwich with a bean side salad. The weather was surprisingly nice this past can literally feel the buzz when the sun's out in London...people are wearing shorts even when it might not be hot enough, there's Pimm's everywhere you look and everyone's just so much happier. I for one am thrilled that I can finally wear sandals again!

On Sunday after a mind/body workout class, I continued my foodie weekend with a visit to Gail's for leek and goat cheese quiche. After strolling through South Kensington admiring the gorgeous cherry blossoms, I made my way over to the Kensington Roof Gardens off of High Street Kensington. You take an elevator up to the sixth floor and come outside to these glorious themed gardens which luckily were blooming in vibrant colours. I walked around each area of the garden before settling on a chair to soak up the sunshine. The highlight of my visit was spotting the famed pink flamingos napping in a corner. How cute are they?! I feel so rejuvenated after such a relaxing weekend and ready to take on the week.

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