Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Scenes From Seaview

A gorgeous crisp afternoon walk to the Boathouse pub for lunch on Friday
Turning left towards Love Lane on a leisurely but windy walk in Ventnor
The beautiful view from the Seaview harbour 
Meg & Will being cute and coupley on a walk before our pub lunch
Although the sky looks a bit dismal, this was a beautiful view and walk

Admiring the stripes in the Ventnor...such a fitting feature for a beach town
Bundled up in the cold and ready for lunch!
Local crab for our crab linguine...will be making this again soon and sharing the recipe with you
Divine sea salt and caramel chocolates on Easter morning

Our Easter weekend was spent on the lovely Isle of Wight this year with our good friends Meg & Will. We arrived on Thursday night by train to Portsmouth and then took a catamaran to Ryde, followed by taxi to Seaview. We’ve been once before last year and had a wonderful time, so it was nice to be back in this sleepy little town. It’s one of those places where everyone knows each other’s names, there’s only one pub and the grocery store is a 20 minute drive. After a good sleep on Thursday – 13 much-needed hours to be exact – we had a leisurely breakfast and then quickly nipped over to grocery shop for dinner before our pub lunch at the Boathouse where we met up with the local Seaview crowd. I had traditional fish & chips and cider and we chatted for a few hours with new and old friends before walking back along the seafront. Dinner was up to me and Meg and we opted for a Barefoot Contessa jambalaya recipe which ended up being incredible. The combination of chorizo, shrimp and spicy flavours was so satisfying – it seems like one of those dishes that would just get better over a few days.

On Saturday we lounged around and then headed out to Ventnor (about a 30 minute drive) for a walk – this is where most of the photos above were taken. It’s such a cute little seaside town with cosy restaurants and shops filled with nick nacks. On our way back home, we stopped by several fish shops for fresh crab as a few were completely out (apparently Easter weekend is big on seafood). This was definitely necessary for the amazing crab linguine that Will’s sister Jo made that night (again, must make this again and share the recipe). It was so nice to just relax the rest of the evening and enjoy some tasty chardonnay – my fave!

Easter celebrations commenced on Sunday morning with chocolate. Everyone does Easter a little differently so it was fun to take part in the Simonds tradition where each person brings some chocolate for all to enjoy. Meg brought the delicious sea salt caramel truffles pictured above and they were insanely good. We also feasted on yummy Lindt chocolate bunnies with tea before heading down to the annual Easter egg toss. We made sure to practice beforehand to avoid any embarrassing drops, although those happened anyway! Loads of people from Seaview line up at the dock to throw eggs to their partner, hoping and praying it doesn’t splatter everywhere. It’s really rather amusing to watch, especially with waves crashing all around. The rest of Sunday was a lazy day of movies, more wine and another delicious dinner of salmon with cherry tomatoes, basil and asparagus. I’m actually making this tonight for my sister and brother-in-law and am really hoping I remember the recipe!

Hope you all had a lovely Easter!

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