Monday, 29 April 2013

Scenes From Brighton

I'd been wanting to check out Brighton since we moved here and just never found the right time to go - it was either snowing or raining every time we tried. And then our friends Tici and Felipe asked if we wanted to go this past Saturday, so we jumped at the chance. Brighton was just a quick 1-hour ride from London and we arrived around noon to mildly overcast weather with bits of sunshine. The first stop was the famous Brighton Pier which includes everything from amusement park rides overlooking the water to arcades and stands selling 'Brighton Rock' candy (unfortunately didn't look that appetizing!). Everything is a bit run down and rusted in Brighton, which seems natural because it's a beach town. It's like a city that was once the posh place for Brits to go during the summer but is now left a little unloved since air travel has become so much cheaper and people can make their way to other warmer climates.

Nevertheless, there's something very unique and beautiful about it - from the pebbled beach to 'the lanes' which are winding curvy little streets with cute shops. I loved this one flower shop we passed by, they had the most beautiful tropical flowers pictured above. We didn't really have an agenda besides walking around town, so we spent a few hours having lunch at Donatelli's Pizzeria where we indulged in a three-course meal complete with that amazing tiramisu hot fudge sundae. Our final stop was the Royal Pavilion, a seaside palace built for George, Prince of Wales, and designed with Hindu/Indian/Chinese influences (as it was built around the era of British colonialism). We took a quick tour of the inside which was lavish and ornate, and then made our way back home on the train. It's hard to believe this was our last visit to another UK city, time is just flying! Only three more weeks to enjoy beautiful London...

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