Thursday, 18 April 2013

Back To The Sunshine

Well, the tickets are officially booked and we're headed home in less than two months! It's hard to believe our journey here is coming to such a quick end. We were told at the beginning of our time here that we'd feel completely settled in and comfortable right as we were about to leave and I must say, this is very, very true. We have our favourite places, we've made close friends, we have a routine and we love the ease of travelling in Europe.

It's going to feel very weird to just give this all up in one quick move, but I do appreciate that where we're headed is also beautiful and exciting and sunny (well, most of the time). We will be close to our families and friends, life will be even easier to adjust to since it will feel very normal and of course, we'll be able to drive again! There are so many perks to both cities and I think I've grown to love them equally.

We're now in that phase where we're getting everything in order for the big move - from finding temporary housing to booking our packing date. And of course, finding a car and then an apartment in San Francisco is going to be a challenge when we get back. I cannot believe how high housing prices have risen since we left! I'm hoping we get lucky and find a hidden gem. There are also the fun parts of moving like redecorating our apartment and starting everything with a clean slate. That will definitely be a welcome change. I'm surprisingly not that stressed about everything, probably because we know what we're getting into back in San Francisco, so I'm just focusing on enjoying our time left here in London. Time to finish that bucket list!

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  1. Ah Keira, brings a tear to my eye. I hope London will always have a special place in your heart and you'll come back to visit us often. You'll always have a place in ours. xx


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