Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Hello Spring... that you?'s definitely still winter here, and I'm a little confused as it's March and sunny skies are nowhere to be seen in London. And on top of that I keep hearing about the amazing weather in California! Living over here had definitely made me appreciate the lovely temperate weather we have on the west coast. Anyone who's lived in a colder climate can attest that everything just seems a bit more difficult when it's snowing or raining incessantly. When it gets below 3 Celsius, morning workouts, drinks on a terrace, walks along the water are all out the window in my book. On the upside, you can have endless weekend lie-ins without feeling guilty, drink loads of hot cocoa with no remorse, watch movies all day, go for long, leisurely meals out and bake for half the day without feeling like you're missed out on anything. That aside, I'm looking forward to a few more pink blooms to pop out in April so we can enjoy the gorgeous outdoors in London before we leave! Here's hoping...

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