Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Jetsetting: Dubai

Tomorrow we're off to Dubai! I'm so excited to see what this trip holds. Unlike a lot of our trips, I feel like I don't have much background on Dubai so am not entirely sure what to expect. I think it will be fabulous, modern and thrilling (and definitely warmer than London!) but I will just have to see it for myself. Jim's brother and sister-in-law live there with their children, so we're really looking forward to seeing their lives in action. Our agenda includes a desert safari complete with camels, boozy brunch at one of the big hotels, touring the city (and maybe the beach if it's hot enough), visiting the Burj Khalifa (tallest building in the world) and a day trip to Abu Dhabi. So basically lots of adventure and culture. Come back for a peek at the photos next week!

[Image via Peace and Awe]

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