Saturday, 23 February 2013

Dubai Desert Safari

I can't believe we were in Dubai on Sunday...this has been such a busy week! I must say Dubai surpassed any expectations I's a little surreal and very impressive. Reminds me of a mix of LA, Vegas all mixed up with Islamic culture. We had such a wonderful time and loved staying with our great hosts, Matt and Kathy, who showed us a great time from the very first day when we did this Desert Safari. Our red eye flight landed early in the morning and by 3 p.m. we were heading out in the desert with our guide in an SUV. Our cousin John was also in town with our uncle Ken so he came with us too, which worked out so well...crazy to be able to have a mini family reunion half way around the world!

We drove about 20 minutes outside of Emirates Hills where Matt and Kathy live (almost like Beverly Hills!) and then we stopped off at the entrance to the designated desert driving zone to take some of the air out of the tires. We soon found out this was so the driver could take turns and drive crazily over the sand dunes...I think I might have gotten minor whiplash! Our first stop on the tour was to check out the camels and learn a bit about falcons. They had one flying around and taught us about its hunting habits...I was most impressed with the beautiful view in the background of the rolling sand dunes and blue sky. This trip made me realise how much I miss the sun and good weather! After the falcon stop, we started our fast, bumpy drive through the desert. Just picture 100 SUVs driving fast through sand dunes with passengers squealing at every turn...Dylan (Matt and Kathy's son) was screaming with fear/delight the whole time. As the sun set, we stopped off to see the last rays of the day go down, which was really beautiful.

Our final destination was the desert camp where we had a lovely dinner spread and local entertainment. The setting was beautifully decorated with ornate rugs, pillows and couches, artwork and fancy lighting. Surprisingly, we were able to have a few beers with dinner (you're normally only allowed to serve alcohol in Dubai if it's connected to a hotel, so this must have been some type of loophole). There was also a shisha (hookah) loung area which we of course had to try, along with the henna tattoo area (I got a little flower on my wrist). The finale was a belly dancer who danced for a few songs before people started heading back out to their SUVs. We were absolutely knackered on the drive home since we had such a long day, but this experience was so worth it.

I'll share more photos soon from the rest of our trip including the Burj Khalifa, our swanky hotel brunch and our trip to the mosque in Abu Dhabi. More to come!


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