Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Christmas Pinspiration

I found these festive creations on Pinterest and just felt compelled to share them. I love the vibrant colours and the white / green decor with the pine cones ..looks like something I could (maybe) whip up with a little free time but alas, I'll be packing and beautifying tomorrow so won't be able to this year. The white wreath looks so plush and fancy with the red ribbon...although we don't have a wooden door to hang a wreath, this (or something similar) could definitely go above a door for little festive decor. And finally the cake...I love those cranberries dotted along the edge that add a fresh burst of colour. I could definitely add cranberries on top of Giada's lemon ricotta cookies that I'm making next weekend for our annual family Christmas party. So many ideas, so little time. Happy Christmas!

[Images via Etsy, Dust Jacket, StyleMePretty]

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