Saturday, 20 October 2012

Primrose Hill & Hampstead Heath

Last Sunday we toured the lovely Primrose Hill area of London, following Gwyneth Paltrow's walking tour from her new GOOP Guide app. It's such a pretty neighbourhood that reminds me so much of San Francisco, especially the high street lined with cafes, home stores, book shops and doggie stores. It's also allegedly home to celebrities like Sienna Miller and Kate Moss...shame I didn't see them walking around! We also explored Hampstead Heath which is just a quick tube ride away from Primrose Hill. Here are a few snaps from our leisurely eating and sightseeing tour.
From Fulham we took a 45-minute tube ride up north to Chalk Farm which leads you right to Primrose Hill. The first thing we did was walk through the lovely lush park where this sign is engraved in the pavement. 
Here's the amazing view from the top of Primrose Hill park. You can see the BT Tower (that really tall skinny building in the middle) and even the London Eye in the distance. I love all the greenery contrasted by the skyscrapers in the city centre.
We had to have Union lattes in my hand for our walk in the park. It's similar to Blue Bottle coffee, but not quite as good...then again, is anything?!
It was a brisk but beautiful day, so thankfully we could see everything from the top of the hill. You can definitely feel that autumn has arrived...we got all of our winter clothes just in time for the rain this week.
After the park, we spent some time walking along the high street. Along with some yummy-looking restaurants there were several small grocery stores with fresh, local produce like these cheeses. Since we were out for most the day we didn't pick any time! 
We turned off the high street to head over to to the famous Lansdowne pub for an authentic thin crust pizza lunch. I had a butternut squash pizza which was unique and fabulous, along with a glass of chardonnay. IT was so lovely being cosy inside while the clouds darkened outside. I've really come to love pub life here in England...particularly on Sundays when loads of families come in for a roast dinner.
Here are a few of the pretty brick buildings and colourful doors in Primrose Hill. It's so quiet on these streets and there's a suburb feel that's a welcome change from the bustling city. 
Our post-lunch treat was a vanilla and chocolate cupcake from the little family-run Primrose Bakery. Even had coloured sprinkles on top! And we managed to gobble this up in minutes on the sidewalk...classy!
After a quick tube ride from Primose Hill to Hampstead Heath ,we walked down Gayton Street which is lined with tons of old brick houses. This lead us to the sprawling green Hampstead Heath park, which as you can see from the photos, is absolutely gorgeous and peaceful.
Our final stop after browsing the stores on the Hampstead Heath high street was this little gem...Hampstead Creperie Stand, where we enjoyed their most famous treat filled with banana, cream and maple syrup. Such a  perfect way to end a day exploring our city!

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