Sunday, 16 September 2012

Scenes from York

Last weekend we went up north to visit our friends, Tici and Felipe in York and it was such a good time. I thoroughly enjoy seeing different parts of the country and taking it all in, especially when most places are within a few hours by train. In my experience, a lot of British towns look relatively the same - you have the similar charms including historical buildings, lots of brick and a cute central high street. York was no different. It's very well taken care of with flowers and manicured lawns everywhere. And there these tall walls surrounding the whole city that you can walk along to get a good sense of the layout. There's also a huge 'minster' or very large church right in the middle of town that's well worth a visit (it kind of looks like the Notre Dame in the photo above). Near the centre of town, there is a quaint street called 'Little Shambles' where the buildings are sloped so low it's a wonder that they're still standing. I also loved the farmer's markets (and fresh fruit), tea houses and buzzing pubs all over town. We got pretty lucky with the weather as it was unusually warm for York....a welcome surprise especially in September.

One of the highlights of the trip was definitely the caipiroskas that Tici and Felipe made...they're Brazilian so they really knew how to make them properly with fresh kiwis, berries and lime (plus sugar & vodka). I learned how to make them too, so these will definitely be served at a cocktail party in the future! This prepared us for an epic night of dancing at a local club called Revolution which overlooked the river. Always lovely to be near the water. Overall it was a fab weekend with good people, good food and good fun!


  1. It is so beautiful!! We walked past Betty's and it looked really good, but we didn't have time to pop time!!

    1. Aaargh! My computer is doing weird things and I don't know what's going on. They also have a branch in Harrogate which doesn't tend to be as overtaken by tourists as the big York branch. So if you get a chance to go there I'd definitely pay a visit.

  2. York is so beautiful! It's literally a stones throw away from where I grew up. Did you get a chance to visit Betty's tea rooms? Their afternoon tea is a reason to visit York in itself.


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