Thursday, 9 August 2012

Scenes from London 2012

Since we're in the last stretch of the Olympics, I wanted to share a few photos from my experience here so far. The excitement has been palpable and I've literally been spending every night at home (well as much as I can!) watching the Olympics. These athletes are incredible and so inspirational...especially at the gym when I'm on the elliptical!

We were gone last weekend, so we made sure to catch some events the first weekend of the Olympics. On the Saturday, we watched women's and men's beach volleyball at the Horse Guard's Parade in central London. The stadium was awesome because you had the Eye and 10 Downing Street on one side, and Buckingham Palace to the other - a little misplaced to have a beach in the middle of the city but very British. The following night we went to the Olympic Park, which was amazing and massive since it houses most of the Olympic venues. It's also connected to Westfield mall which is a bit dangerous if you're in the shopping mood...and because it has a Magnum shop where you can create your own popsicle (these are so insanely delicious!). Anyway, back to the sports. We saw a couple handball matches, which suprisingly were so fun to watch because of the wild enthusiasm of the fans. That same weekend we also had a chance to see the road cycling come through our neighbourhood which was delightfully convenient and such a rush.

Overall it's been a fantastic couple of weeks and now we just get to take in all the finals! Here's hoping the US comes out on top in the medal count. Next up is the closing ceremony, which I plan to catch at a pub with a pint. :)

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