Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Games Are Here!

It's hard to believe the Olympics are finally here. Living over here during the lead up to the Games and all of the preparation that goes into making it happen has been quite the experience. There's been construction all over town, hundreds of news stories about the implications and opportunities the Games will bring, and now of course, the transportation issues that will surely arise over the next few days. Everything from Heathrow airport to the tube stations are decked out in Olympics signage, and people are slowly but surely starting to file into the city. With the opening ceremony taking place tomorrow night, the city really feels electric with anticipating. I could not be more excited and grateful to be experiencing this monumental event in one of the greatest cities in the world! The last few legs of the Torch Relay are passing through central London today, so I'm hoping to step outside of the office this afternoon to catch a glimpse of the festivities. 

We're headed to two events this weekend: men's beach volleyball on Saturday at the Earls' Court venue, which is just a five minute walk from our flat, and then handball on Sunday at the main Olympic park in Stratford, where the opening ceremony and main events will take place. And yes, I said handball...not the kind you play in gradeschool's more like soccer with your hands and it's popular in Germany, Austria and lots of other countries. Should be an experience for sure!

Here's to a great 2012 Olympics...and go Team USA!!!

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