Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Views from Capri

After a day of sunning ourselves in Positano, we headed to the Capri, a little island about 30 minutes off the coast of Sorrento. When we arrived by ferry, we paid for a little boat to take us around the island and the into the famous Blue Grotto. We cruised down around the island admiring the gorgeously clear turquoise water and coastline dotted with colourful villas and yachts.
Once we got to the Blue Grotto, we had to wait about 20 minutes to be transferred to tiny row boats which took us inside. The entrance is so small that you have to lie down in the boat to get through! Once inside, all the Italian men rowing the boats sing and chant which echoes throughout the grotto and actually sounds pretty cool. Look at that water!
Once out of the slightly clausterphobic grotto, we hopped back on the boat and toured the rest of the island, ending up at Marina Grande. From there, we took a little tram up to the main town in Capri, where you can shop the designer stores and maybe spot some celebs! Unfortunatley no such luck for us, but the views of the ocean made up for it. While in town, we had the most amazing coconut gelato in a hot waffle cone – sounds a little iffy, but it was so darn good. 
 We’d heard good things about Anacapri, a little town on the island that’s further up than Capri, so we took a short bus ride to check it out. By the way, the buses are miniature – like half the size of normal buses – and of course, I loved them! Anacapri is filled with tiny winding streets and white-washed buildings – just so picturesque. We grabbed a fresh caprese sandwich from a little deli near the bus stop (only 3!) and spent an hour walking around the town. 
If you make it to Anacapri, I'd recommend the Monte Solaro chairlift ride from Piazza della Vittoria, which takes you up to the highest point of the island. It's about 10, so a little pricey, but worth it for the incredible views!

Next up on the Italian tour: Sorrento & Pompeii!

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