Friday, 15 June 2012

Picturesque Positano

Our first day on the Amalfi coast involved a relaxing day trip to the stunningly posh town of Positano. We took a bus ride which was a little scary but allowed for incredible coastline views along the way. Afer just 30 minutes we were dropped off on a cliff overlooking the town...the only question was how to get down there!  
We had to walk what seemed like a million steps to reach the bustling little town, but the views made up for our aching feet. It actually looks like a postcard. Naturally, we rewarded ourselves with a beer once we made it down, and just watched the tourists flow in and out of town. There are loads of cute little touristy shops and more upscale clothing stores that you could browse – but since it was in the 80s, we couldn’t wait to take our pasty English bodies in the sunshine and get a proper tan! We skipped the pricey lounge chairs and sat on our hotel towels just watching the waves come in – I never knew how much I missed the sound of the ocean! Living in London, you forget how lovely it is.
We lounged and read just long enough to build up an apptetite for gelato (obviously!) and then indulged in ultra creamy strachiatella and coffee cones for our walk back up those million steps. We spotted the cutest a vintage pink Fiat driving by when we reached the top – which is of course good luck! 
 Once we were back at our hotel in Sorrento (Grand Hotel De La Ville), we made our way to the rooftop terrace for some more sunbathing and cocktails overlooking the coast – it really doesn’t get better! For dinner, we stumbled upon an amazing restaurant right in the centre of town which I would definitely go back to, called La Laterna. The service is so friendly and they really know how to make good Italian. We had a vegetable pizza with a luscious chewy crust, a fresh caprese salad and a bottle of Chianti – my idea of the perfect meal and the perfect way to end another night in Italy. Next stop on the Amalfi tour is Capri, so stay tuned!

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