Monday, 14 May 2012

Ladies Who Blog: Cybher 2012

On Saturday I attended my very first blogging event and tiny bit of joy made its UK debut! Cybher is the  first all-female blogger event of its kind aimed at bringing together the most influential bloggers and speakers to network, share, learn and inspire. I was a little hesitant about attending, but am so happy I did. I learned loads from fellow bloggers about how to create “sticky” content, make your blog pretty,  use new gadgets, and so much more. Here are a few highlights from the day...

Hearing from established beauty blogger, Louise Pentland of Sprinkle of Glitter, about how to find your voice and  grow your blog. She is hilarious and humble, and I love that she’s made a living out of blogging...that would be a dream!

Listening to Mark Solomon from Black Cab Quotes talk about how he went from cab driver to blogger and published author by having passengers write down inspiration quotes in the back seat. What an entrepreneur!

Taking a mini-photography class with BBC journalist and founder of the photography website Someone One Told Me, Mario Cacciottolo. We learned how to take the perfect portrait using the right lighting, background and positioning. Get ready for your close up!

Getting some fabulous design tips from the talented Jo Gifford of Cherry Sorbet Creative and Dexterous Diva. Lots of really useful tips like how to create digital collages and keep your blog looking smart. 

The thing I’m happiest about is how proud I felt being there representing something I feel so passionate about. I can't wait to take the juicy bits I learned and give tiny bit of joy some extra loving! 

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