Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Boys Are Back In Town

Have I mentioned how amazing the weather’s been here in London?! It’s been in the 80s which is unreal for this typically overcast city and I’ve been loving it! It so reminds me of San Francisco...lounging in Fort Mason on a hot, sunny day and all the wonderful weekend festivals. Anyways, enough daydreaming, back to the story.

Last weekend was a whirlwind visit with Jim's best friend (and best man!), Matt. It was so nice having them back here after their boys-only trip to Edinburgh and Dublin where they surely got into a bit of trouble in the pubs. We spent most of our time walking around Fulham and Chelsea enjoying the sunshine and dipping into pubs to cool off with a cold beer. As has become the norm, we headed over to Sloane Square to grab a bite to eat at the food fair on Saturday, and then walked along the Kings Road before heading back to Fulham for a wine stop at Vagabond (the cute wine shop I posted about a few months ago). It was so fun seeing Jim and Matt back together again...they’ve grown up together so act like brothers which can be very amusing.

Sunday came way too quickly and Matt had to take off, so Jim and I filled the void by renting Barclays bikes and riding around Chelsea to Battersea Park. Barclays bikes (or Borris bikes, named after the mayor who put them in place) are public bikes that you can rent on an hourly basis for pretty cheap (about £1/hour) which is perfect when you just want to cycle around a bit and you don’t have your own. I was a little apprehensive about biking in a city of super aggressive drivers but it ended up being just fine and we made it to Battersea Park where we sat for a while looking out over the Thames. It’s a really pretty park mostly frequented by locals (vs. tourists like Hyde Park). We ended our weekend with a delicious picnic in a Fulham park (along with everyone else). I can happily report that after a weekend in the sun, my British paleness has begun to fade away and I’m sporting a healthy glow!

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