Friday, 16 March 2012

Vagabond Vino

Ever since we moved to Fulham, Jim and I had been wanting to go to this cosy wine tasting room and shop right down the street called Vagabond. We finally decided to go in last month for a leisurely glass of Cabernet, and now we're hooked. The concept for the store is actually pretty innovative, unlike any I've seen before. You pay £3 for an Oyster-type card (one you can top up with more money as you go), and then you top up your card with £10 or £20, however much you want to keep on there for tastings in the store. And the prices for pours are actually pretty reasonable, ranging from 50p - £2 for a taste, and £3 - £15 for a full glass.

We met the owner, Steve, and learned that he had these machines custom made for the store. They allow you to use your Oyster-type card to pour a taste or full glass of featured wine, which is so convenient if you're looking to buy a bottle and you're able to have a taste to make sure you love it.

The wines are separated out into types of reds (bold, spicy, elegant, vibrant) and whites (rich, subtle, aromatic and crisp), making it easy to navigate based on your preference. For each category there's about 20 wines from old and new world regions. We've tried so many yummy blends from rich Napa Cabernets to oakey French Chardonnays.

There's also a scrumptious small bites menu which we'll have to try next time we go for an afternoon drink. It may not be Napa, but this is definitely our new go-to wine tasting spot! 

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