Friday, 9 March 2012

Punts & Bumps in Cambridge

Last weekend Jim and I took a day trip to Cambridge to tour the well-known university town and visit Jim's cousin Kate, who's getting her MBA there. Little did we know that it was Lent Bumps day, where the different colleges within University of Cambridge compete in a rowing competition along the river Cam. It turned out to be such an unexpectedly fun cultural experience cheering on the team and drinking beers at a quaint little pub on the river. 

Next, we strolled through the bustling town and different college campuses which are all within walking distance. Everyone bikes around and there are loads of nice shops along the high street - it seems like such a vibrant, lovely place to live. And it's so interesting to see how deeply rooted the traditions are in college life...each college has its own crest and church!

I loved watching the famous punting tours along the river near the college backs, where the University of Cambridge colleges line the river. Punting tours are almost like gondola rides that you can hire to row you down the river. We are definitely going to have to come back during summer river drinking rose! Here are a few photos from the day...

Cambridge Lent Bumps (rowing competition between the colleges)
Sidney College at University of Cambridge
Punt tours on the river (almost like gondola rides in Italy)
Punting down the river...can't wait to do this in the summer!
Loving this gorgeous town
Trinity College campus

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