Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Gail's Bakery

I'm a little obsessed with croissants and bakeries in general, so when I discovered Gail's Bakery in London, I was tickled pink. It's exactly the type of place I love to go for a weekend breakfast with rich, creamy cappuccinos (even though they're nonfat), and literally every type of buttery pastry you could imagine. Kind of reminds me of Gayle's Bakery back in Capitola, but with a proper accent.

My favourite indulgences include the morning buns, croissants and quiches, but of course everything else on display looks delectable. The locations are scattered around the city so you can go a few tube stops and still get your fix...definitely pop by if you're in the city!

[Image and recipe via Gail's Bakery]

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