Monday, 5 March 2012

Dining at Gordon Ramsay

We spent last Thursday indulging in an incredible seven course meal at Ramsay Restaurant in Chelsea, thanks to our friend Matt who gave us a gift certificate as a wedding gift! The decadent food and thoughtful service created the ultimate dining experience. The wait staff think of every single detail you can imagine, from offering unsalted or salted butter with your bread and racing to fold your napkin if you get up, to explaining every last detail of each dish. We were living it up!

The meal started with an amuse bouche of miniature crunchy lobster and avocado cones, pillowy pouches of artichoke, basil and parmesan and scotch eggs. The two I tried were delicious, although I steered clear of the scotch eggs. Next, I had pan-fried sea scallops from the Isle of Skye with heritage apples, fresh walnuts, celery and cider emulsion. I never knew the combination of cinnamon and apples could pair so well with seafood, but it does. The second starter was Ramsay’s signature dish, the ravioli of lobster, langoustine and salmon poached in a light bisque with a chervil velouté. The ravioli is literally stuffed with the freshest seafood that you swirl around in the buttery sauce...mouthwatering.

For the main course, I substituted the pigeon and lamb for fillet of lemon sole with butter poached Scottish langoustines, caviar, mushroom duxelle and watercress sauce. I must say, I’m now a big fan of caviar! This dish was so light but also full of flavour...the lemon sole is rolled up with delicious spices and the watercress sauce serves as the perfect compliment. 

Finally, we moved on to dessert starting with a “milkshake” of mango, jasmine and passion fruit soup with a cream topping. It tasted almost like a mango lassie. Next we had prune crème brûlée with Granny Smith apple juice. The apple juice was just the right amount of tart and was a surprisingly refreshing pair with the creaminess of the crème brûlée. The third dessert was a lemonade parfait with honey, bergamot and sheep's milk yoghurt sorbet. The presentation was beautiful with the candied honey encircling the lemonade parfait, which was almost the consistency of a semifreddo. We ended the meal with an extra surprise dessert of white chocolate covered strawberry ice cream balls and rich dark chocolate bites. 

The maître d was such a sweet French man and allowed us to tour the kitchen before we left. We got to meet the head chef, a lovely Irish woman called Clare Smyth who's obviously very talented. All in all it was maybe the best meal I’ve ever had, and after three hours, definitely the longest. If you're looking for a fancy dining experience in London, this is the place to go!

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