Friday, 10 February 2012

Scenes from Zurich

After we went up to the Swiss Alps last Saturday, we stayed in Zurich on Sunday to sightsee and luckily got a gorgeous, sunny day. As with many cities in Europe most shops are closed on Sundays, but we were still able to most everything the city has to offer minus the shops, which is probably best since the exchange rate is definitely not in our favour! The lake and river that surround the city create a beautiful backdrop for the whitewashed buildings accented by brightly coloured doors and the sail boats and ferries passing by. You can see just how cold it was in the photos of the grand iced over fountain and restaurant chairs saddled with furry blankets that we stumbled upon while wandering around. 

To keep warm, the first thing we did was pop in the famous Sprungli chocolate shop for a few decadent treats. If you go, you must try the dark chocolate and fleur de sel caramel truffle - it's beyond good and pairs perfectly with a cappuccino. Next on our self-walking tour, we passed by Henrici's, a great coffee / bar hybrid where we popped in on Saturday night for beer and wine with our host, Ryan and a few new friends. We spent the rest of Sunday day strolling through the streets for as long as we could in the freezing weather. What I enjoyed most was just walking along the water with Jim enjoying the crisp air. I also loved how the city is so small and seems like you could really make yourself right at home. 

I've been told that summers are absolutely gorgeous in Zurich so we may just have to head back in a few months!

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