Monday, 6 February 2012

Jetsetting: Swiss Alps

Stunning. Sprawling. Almost magical. The Swiss Alps are just so breathtaking and undisturbed.

This past weekend we visited the quaint (and cold) city of Zurich and went up to the mountains to hit the slopes. Apparently it was the coldest weekend in years at a cool -15 degrees Celsius during the day and -25 at night. Our friend Ryan, who lives in Zurich, put us up at his flat for the weekend and graciously showed us around. On Saturday, we took the train followed by a bus up to Laax, an expansive mountain range in the Alps that's popular with the locals for a day of skiing. When you take the gondola up the mountain and reach the lodge, the view is spectacular with snow for miles and miles and mountain ranges spanning across the horizon.

Now onto the good part. Let me preface this with the fact that I'm very much a beginner on a snowboard and I typically stick to the bunny slopes when we go up to Tahoe. The "bunny slopes" on this mountain seemed very intermediate to me and naturally I was falling a bit and struggling to carve my way down. I ended up missing the turn to go to the next lift up to an even higher run so had to unstrap my bindings and trek up the mountain....unfortunately before it got to that my board somehow shot down the mountain about 200 yards! Of course, I was frantic and jumped after the board landing with a belly flop watching the board literally fly down the hill. Jim tried his best too, but ended up loosing his board so had to save his and forfeit mine. Jim and Ryan were the heroes of the day as they snowboarded down the hill, traipsed into the trees and found my board (and then walked all 300 yards back up the mountain!). Moral of the story is to not unstrap your bindings on an incline!

Regardless of how I got down the mountain, I can now say I've snowboarded on the Swiss Alps. And really, the best part for me was that amazing view! More to come on Zurich later...


  1. such gorgeous pictures! it looks like you are having such a wonderful time...

  2. looks amazing - so glad you're having such fun! miss you!

  3. Miss you too!

    And thanks, Natalie! I love reading your blog too!


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