Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Five Resolutions for 2012

Like many of you, each year I make new years resolutions, some achievable and some not so much. It's very therapeutic to reflect on the past year and look forward to the new year with the future as a blank slate (as much as possible!). You can set out to achieve big milestones or keep it to smaller goals. Seeing as my last year was full of big changes, I've kept it on the smaller side with some (hopefully) achievable resolutions.

Drink lots and lots of water.

Stay in closer touch with my family and friends, especially since I live abroad.
Blog every week and document all my travels.

Do yoga every week for a healthier mind and body.

De-clutter my closet and keep it that way.

While I have every intention of maintaining each of these resolutions, I realise that it's going to be a challenge at times. But I also think that they're all attainable if I remind myself regularly, so here's to giving it my best shot in 2012!

[Images from top to bottom via Effortless Style Blog, Pinterest, Engageology, PinterestCupcakes and Cashmere]

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