Sunday, 11 December 2011

Weekend Getaway to Bath and Stonehenge

We spent last Saturday touring Bath and Stonehenge amidst a crisp winter day. I'd gotten a half-off Living Social package for a day long trip - love a good deal! It was so nice to get out of the city for a day and explore the English countryside.

Our first stop was Stonehenge, where we walked around the World Heritage Site and snapped photos, all while shivering in the brisk wind! Next, we spent the afternoon in the picturesque city of Bath, where we walked through the Roman Baths which are absolutely fascinating, peeked in the beautiful Bath Abbey as service was starting, walked around the Christmas market stalls and shopped around town. It was incredibly busy, as are all touristy destinations this time of year, but still lovely.

Definitely recommend visiting Bath if you have more than a few days in London and want to take a day trip to the countryside. It's well worth it for the shopping, incredible architecture, and the nearby spas where you can go for a day of pampering!

Such a gorgeous day to visit Stonehenge
Incredibly picturesque
Sheep grazing in the fields
A surprisingly sunny winter day
The Roman Baths in Bath
Bath Abbey
City view strolling through the streets
Gorgeous buildings built with local Bath stone
Enjoying the last rays of the day
The view from Bath Circus townhouses

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