Monday, 7 November 2011

Scenes from Amsterdam

Last weekend’s holiday in Amsterdam was our first European adventure since we’ve been living in England and it was absolutely incredible. One of the best things about living here is how convenient it is to visit other countries. I'm very pleased to say that we saw everything we set out to do (see below post)!

Holiday highlights include: drinking Heinekens with new friends on Friday night when we arrive, the surprisingly warm weather for late November, visiting the emotionally powerful Anne Frank house, eating Dutch apple pancakes at Pancakes!, enjoying amazing art at the Van Gogh museum, noshing on baguettes on the gorgeous, peaceful surroundings of Vondelpark, strolling through the Red Light District (never a dull moment there!), and admiring the tulips at Bloemmarkt (the famous flower market).

Can’t wait til our next European holiday!


  1. beautiful and inspiring blog Keira! Looking forward to keeping up on your expat adventures. Amsterdam has been on our list for awhile, but it might have to wait until spring or summer because I don't think I can go in the middle of winter. brrr. Already having trouble with the grey, cold days here in Z├╝rich.

    ps - your wedding was gorgeous!

  2. Thank you so much!! Yeah, luckily we got nice weather that weekend but it's not so fun when its freezing...years ago I went to Prague, Budapest and Vienna in the dead of winter and it was frigid! Beautiful too though.

    Your blog is fab and I love reading's so well laid out and your photos are amazing. Look forward to following your journey as well!


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