Sunday, 2 October 2011

Tiny Bit of Reading

Arriving to 24 degree (Celsius) weather in London this past week was quite a surprise! We're enjoying every last ray of sun before the inevitable English weather returns on Wednesday. We've been in Reading now for a little under a week and have come to know our bearings pretty well in this little suburb.

  This is our temporary housing on Crown Street in Reading...modest but manageable.
 Downtown Reading on a beautiful day...this is probably after one of many 
trips to Vodafone (we finally have iPhones!).
First day in Reading walking around the promenade. Kind of reminds me
of the Santa Monica promenade with lots of shops and restaurants.

 Lovely restaurant/shop where we shared a delish Haloumi cheese
sandwich and Tandoori roasted chicken with couscous (popular here,
along with curry, their "national dish").

We spent this past weekend touring flats in London and exploring the city. We're keeping our fingers crossed that one pans out; the process is different than in the states! There are so many things still left to do to get settled, but it seems finding a home is the most essential.

So far am loving the accents and picking up a few words here and there. The people are very friendly and things have gone pretty smoothly so far in terms of logistics (banking, phones, transportation). Although Reading is good for now, we definitely miss the buzz of a big city and are really looking forward to moving to London with our own place that we can decorate and call home. Hopefully that will be soon!

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  1. loved reading about reading :) the town looks so cute. keep us posted on a flat and all that good stuff. xoxo


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