Sunday, 30 October 2011

London Professionals

It's back to the daily grind for us here in London! Jim and I have both started work here in England and are now fully in the swing of normal life! Jim's already a month in, and I just finished my second week. My office is in Notting Hill...a very easy commute from our flat in Fulham, and Jim is all about town (and the country) travelling to clients near and far. The tube system is working out quite well (despite on the weekends when there are always planned closures!).

There really aren't too many differences between the London office and Voce back in San Francisco...the people are so friendly, also pretty funny and very welcoming. Here are a few facts to note about my work life so far: If you get up to get a coffee or tea, it is mandatory to ask everyone around you if they'd like one as well. And you get coffee or tea several times a day. You get in around 9:30 and it's totally fine to leave at 5:30. Fortnightly means every other week....this was definitely not in my vocabulary pre-move. Also, everything sounds a bit more proper and I now use the word, "quite" quite a lot.

The most enjoyable treat at my job so far is that when it's someone's "leaving due" or last day, or their birthday, there's a "drinks trolley." At first, I thought this meant a San Francisco-type trolley that would take you around to pubs, but no, I was mistaken. It's a small little cart that someone in the office will push around, offering wine, beer and canap├ęs and treats to everyone. It's a really cute tradition that signals the beginning of the weekend.

Here are a few photos!
Ernst & Young London office where Jim works sometimes.
Ernst & Young Reading office near the train station.
This was taken in Reading on Jim's first day!
Porter Novelli London office...feels like home!
Here's the street I work on.
Me awkwardly taking a photo on my first day since Jim had already left!


  1. How fun! I love reading your blog and your updates! Keep them coming! :)

    Heather W


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