Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Home Sweet Home

I’ve got some exciting news to share with you! As of this past weekend, we now live in Fulham, London! Fulham is a lovely borough (a district of the city, like Russian Hill or the Marina in San Francisco), and literally everything we need is just a block away, from charming cafes and bars to the gym and several supermarkets. To top it off, we can see Chelsea stadium from our kitchen window! We’re obviously Chelsea supporters now purely by location. The flat is mostly furnished, but we’ve still got decorations and a few more pieces of furniture coming in our sea shipment in a few week’s time. I’m fairly certain our flat isn’t going to be exactly what I’d envisioned in this previous post, but I will definitely try my best to make it cozy, charming and chic!

We got the keys on Friday, and our air shipment with a few items for the flat, arrived that day as well. After taking the train and then the tube from Reading to London on Friday night with five or so suitcases in total (yes, just picture it), we ended up sleeping in our new place. We spent the weekend unpacking and sorting out our flat, which included a few trips to M&S (per usual) and Waitrose (a food chain store similar to Safeway which is great for bulk shopping and the essentials). We now have a partially stocked kitchen, which falls a bit short in the refrigeration department (we currently have a dorm-size fridge/freezer…I should have known my love of small items would someday haunt me).

We also ventured out to Westfield Mall (same chain that’s in the states) for a few home goods and found it to be gigantic but also incredibly nice. After we’d had enough settling in, we went to the pub with some new friends to watch the Chelsea match, and then out with some other new friends to West Kensington and Chelsea. Overall a very eventful weekend!

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