Friday, 2 September 2011

The Fiat

Pint-sized cars hold a special place in my heart – from the SmartCar to the Mini Cooper to the Fiat – they are just so cute. I’ve always wanted a little car and am hoping we can rent (or buy) one in London. We even used a cream-colored Mini Cooper as our getaway car at our wedding!

I’m sure you’ve seen commercials for the Fiat 500, which is the newest version of the iconic compact Italian car. It starts at $15,500 (about $4,600 less than the base Mini Cooper). Isn’t it adorable?

It doesn’t, however, have quite the same authentic appeal as the older model of the Fiat below. Love that deep yellow color.

Old or new, I’ll take either version :)

I'm off to LA for the weekend....hoping for some sun, beach time and hopefully a trip to Toast, my fave brunch spot in West Hollywood. Wouldn't mind a stop in Santa Barbara either for Tupelo Junction's fried chicken salad!

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